Caring for our Aboriginal children and families

At AbSec we are accountable first and foremost to the Aboriginal children, families and communities of NSW. All our work is in service of our mission to strengthen and support these people, by working hand-in-hand with local Aboriginal organisations.

Our priorities, values and direction are set out in our organisational strategy.

OUR PURPOSE: We work with Aboriginal communities and partners to strengthen and support Aboriginal children, families, communities and organisations.

OUR VISION: Aboriginal children and young people are looked after in safe, thriving Aboriginal families and communities. They are raised strong in spirit and identity, with every opportunity for lifelong wellbeing and connection to culture.

 Alongside those fundamental aspects outlined in our strategy, these are some of the things we believe in and apply to our work every day:

  • Aboriginal children have an inalienable right to their culture, community and identity. These things are vital to their wellbeing.
  • Aboriginal communities have innate strengths and the ability to solve their own problems when given the right support and trust.
  • Solutions are most effective when they focus on early intervention, which means supporting people before challenges reach a crisis point and avoiding unnecessary harm.
  • Self-determination — the collective right to make our own decisions and carry them through to meaningful actions — is incredibly important to Aboriginal people. We need to lead and control our own solutions for our children and families.
  • Aboriginal community-controlled organisations provide the most effective and culturally sensitive support to Aboriginal people in need.

Theory of Change

AbSec exists to see Aboriginal children and young people culturally strong, thriving and fulfilling their potential. AbSec adopts a holistic approach to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are raised strong in spirit and identity, with every opportunity for lifelong wellbeing and connection to culture.

For this to occur, evidence shows that Aboriginal children must be connected and supported in their families, kinship groups and communities and that families and communities must be empowered to keep their children safe. Self-determination is at the base of fostering sustainable change. AbSec advocates for Aboriginal-led services and social systems, with Aboriginal agencies that are capable and resourced.

To reach this outcome, Aboriginal voices must be heard and represented in society, leading to broad community awareness and government policy that is based on Aboriginal-led decision-making about what works best for Aboriginal children, young people and families.