Our sector

Within the child, family and community care sector, AbSec defines an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation (ACCO) per the criteria outlined below, which should also be reflected in the organisation’s constitution:

  • Is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, that is incorporated as an Aboriginal organisation
  • Has been initiated by, and is controlled and operated by Aboriginal people; thereby acknowledging the right of Aboriginal peoples to self-determination
  • Is based in a local Aboriginal community, or communities
  • Is governed by an Aboriginal Board which is elected by members of the local Aboriginal community or communities where it is based; and decision making of the Board is determined by Aboriginal Board members
  • Delivers services that build strength and empowerment in Aboriginal communities and people.

AbSec advocates for Aboriginal community-controlled organisations delivering services for our children, young people, families and communities.

We lead the design and development of policies and strategies on issues impacting Aboriginal families and communities, lobby government and build organisational capacity to support the Aboriginal-controlled sector, while embedding sustainability and accountability into everyday best practice. See more about our sector support initiatives here.

A growing sector

The NSW Government has committed to transition Aboriginal children in out-of-home care to Aboriginal agencies, but due to the increasing numbers of our kids in care, this means our sector needs to expand, not only to provide support for Aboriginal kids in care, but focusing more on prevention, restoration and early intervention to reduce the numbers of kids coming into or staying in care long term, where possible.

Aboriginal out-of-home care agencies

The following are accredited Aboriginal organisations currently providing Aboriginal child and family services in NSW to Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal child and family service providers

There are a number of other Aboriginal community-controlled organisations in NSW providing services to Aboriginal families and communities

Aboriginal Child and Family Centres:

Intensive Family Based Services (IFBS)

Aboriginal medical services

You can find a list of Aboriginal community-controlled health services in NSW on the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council website. Some of these offer specialised services for children and families.