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AbSec has been able to offer carers access to a number of free Koori Mail subscriptions to stay up-to-date with the latest news and events going on in the community.

The Koori Mail, considered the voice of Indigenous Australia, is 100% Aboriginal-owned and published fortnightly in both print and electronic form. All profits made from the paper are spent on community projects and needs with a focus on scholarships for Aboriginal students, housing and mental health programs.

The initiative has proved timely as the Koori Mail is not only a popular newspaper for our communities to keep up-to-date with the latest news and other material of vital interest to Aboriginal people but also a great way for our children and young people to stay connected with their culture with the help of their carers.

On the initiative, AbSec CEO John Leha said, “It is a great initiative to not only support our carers to stay connected with news from community during these challenging times but also to support the Koori Mail, which does an amazing job sharing vital news across a huge range of topics. We must also give a special thank you to everyone involved in this project. Any support for our carers that is also extended to Aboriginal organisations is more than welcome at the moment.”

The response was overwhelmingly positive with those carers receiving subscriptions as many were thankful for the chance to stay informed and get fortnightly updates on a range of topics the Koori Mail covers.

AbSec will continue to explore initiatives to support Aboriginal children, young people, carers, families and communities through this difficult period.

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