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COVID-19 has had a huge impact on Aboriginal communities throughout 2021. During this time, not only have additional measures been put in place to protect groups at greater risk from COVID-19, but essential services and activities have been difficult to provide due to isolation.

Many communities, families and individuals have found themselves isolated, trying to protect their mob and stop the spread of the virus.

With the Christmas break coming up, AbSec has partnered with Woolworths to provide the carers of Aboriginal children and young people with essential food supplies.

Food packages were distributed through a range of avenues, including by delivery, with carers picking them up from the AbSec office in Marrickville and through partner organisations in the local area.

An AbSec spokesperson said, “During this difficult time for communities across the state, it is important that our families are supported and provided everything they need to ensure they can stay safe. It is especially important for the carers of Aboriginal children and young people to know that there is help there in the form of simple things like essential food supplies and groceries. We would like to thank Woolworths for their support of our families and communities.”

AbSec will continue to explore initiatives that support Aboriginal communities and ensure everyone is connected with services and supplies as the current COVID-19 outbreak remains extremely unpredictable.

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