Connecting Voices

Aboriginal Family-Led Decision Making

AbSec’s Connecting Voices—Aboriginal family-led decision making program is in response to ensuring the right supports are put in place for an Aboriginal child or young person at risk or in a vulnerable circumstance—this may be support with gaining meaningful access to school, housing, community inclusion, child protection and family support services and the like.

Connecting Voices provides Aboriginal families with an opportunity to discuss what needs to be done to achieve improved wellbeing, welfare and safety of their children and young people. The purpose of the program is to encourage relevant family members and others to meet and work toward an agreed way forward in order to address any child-related concerns.

Connecting Voices is about involving appropriate family members in the development of a ‘Family Plan’ which is agreed to by the family, the referring agency and other support providers. A Family Conference is organised to assist in the development of this Family Plan.

All Family Conferences involve an independent Aboriginal Facilitator who is employed by AbSec. The Facilitator works throughout the entire process including the Conference itself and involves working with the family in developing the strategies to be included in the Family Plan

Connecting Voices is available to families from all over NSW. Interstate referrals will be considered upon application.

If you would like more information about the program including promotion to your organisation please contact the team at referrals@absec.org.au or by phone 02 9559 5299.


Please download the brochures below for more detailed information about the Connecting Voices program.